Rules of Use

About the System

Garantex is a cryptocurrency exchange with cryptocurrency/cryptocurrency, cryptocurrency/fiat currency and fiat currency/cryptocurrency exchanges.

Deposit/Withdrawal of Funds

Fiat currency – RUB, USD, EUR.
Cryptocurrency – BTC, USDT, ETH, USDC, DAI.


  • Cash rubles at a cashier desk (Moscow and partner offices in the regions of Russia and around the world);
  • Any ways to top up the balance through the P2P platform of the exchange.



  • Cash at a cashier desk (Moscow and partner offices in the regions of Russia and around the world);
  • To the cards of Russian banks without restrictions.


Business Hours

Transactions are conducted around the clock. Deposit and withdrawal of cryptocurrencies – around the clock.

Crediting and payment of rubles in Moscow offices – around the clock.


Current commissions can be found in the Statuses and fees section. (


Your account is protected by double authentication: password + SMS / Google Authenticator.

The administration has the right to require the full identification of the client.

Affiliate Program

This Referral Program grants a Referral Partner 33 percent of the commission payments collected from their Referrals.

This Program only applies to marketplace crypto-ruble exchange transactions. It does not apply to P2P-transactions.

Referral fees shall be transferred to the Referral Partner’s AFF account. A referral bonus is part of our Platform’s marketing offer, and shall be transferred to the Referral’s AFF account.

Program participants are prohibited from abusing this Referral Program by using affiliated accounts to reduce their trading fees. The Administration shall look out for instances of such abuse, and reserves the right to nullify a Partner’s referral fees or refuse service in case of violation.

The Platform may change the Rules of the Referral Program with fourteen (14) calendar days’ notice to users.

Only RUB accounts are eligible for the Referral Program.

This program shall be in effect for one year (365 days) from the Referral’s registration date.

The Referral Program may become indefinite once the following conditions are met:

  1. The Referral Partner brings 100 Referrals or more to the Platform within the original program period,
  2. At least 10 out of 100 Referrals make at least one marketplace transaction (crypto/ruble trading).

Minimum referral payment from any AFF account to the user’s main account shall be 5,000 AFF, where 1 AFF equals 1 RUB.

Referral payments shall be transferred to the user’s main account following verification.

If the user is both a Referral receiving a referral bonus and a Referral Partner, they shall be eligible for referral payments once they reach a trading volume of at least 1 mln RUB in marketplace crypto-ruble exchange transactions.

The Platform may nullify a Partner’s referral fees and cancel their referral payments if the Partner is caught abusing the Platform or using the Platform and the Referral Program for illicit purposes.

If you have any questions left, feel free to contact our Technical Support via a chat on the Platform website or via our Telegram bot: